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To engage and promote Native American Spirituality, Cultural Diversity and Traditions. • To build, mobilize and act as an Urban Native American Network Community.• To promote whole person wellness.• To promote Native life.• To diversify the community by involving members of all walks of life.• To create a Tiospaye (extended family)



The Cedar River Drum is a traditional northern drum based in Vermillion South Dakota.

The Drum was formed in Yakama Washington in the summer of 2000, By Jerome Kills Small's Grandson's Zack and Isacc and in 2004 traveled from the Cedar River Mountains in Washington state to the Cedar River in Iowa, Mandated to improve the status of Native Americans, To foster inter-cultural understanding and to encourge community involvement. Native American migration between urban centers and reservations demonstrates the interrelatedness of all Native Americans, and from this reality emerges the recognition that our issues and concerns are truly shared. One of our philosophy's is that solutions can be shared as well. 

The Cedar River drum is in a transition of going back to it's roots  bringing  back the old school style of the Lakota Nation's sounds, With the assistance and direction of our Grand Pa  and song keeper Jerome kills Small, a well known artist and Instructor of Lakota language and culture at U.S.D. Jerome will  be composing our next C.D. A collection of songs dedicated to the water, plants, and all our animal relatives that we all need to sustain and keep our world balanced.

 The Cedar River Singers visit  between 30-40 schools throughout the year educating students about Native American Dance, Music, and Culture. A major emphasis is placed on teaching and correcting Native American stereotypes and misconceptions that still exist in this country. 

  "We are very proud of the many milestones we have crossed. We perform at festivals, civic organizations, colleges, universities, adult care centers, state and federal correction centers, and pow-wows, in Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota ,Iowa, Minnesota And Wisconsin.We hope to see you all soon  blessings to you and your families"

Cedar River Singer's





Cedar River First Nations was founded in 1999, by Native American volunteers as a community-based organization. Today a staff of 10 serves the estimated 25,000 Native Americans in the grater Sioux Land areas across Iowa and South Dakota. C.R.F.N.C. membership is currently composed of Native Americans from 6 different tribes.